JS.Geo is a gathering for those with an enthusiasm for code and maps. In our three previous gatherings (in Denver, Portland, and Philadelphia) speakers included devs from organizations you know (Carto, Mapbox, Mapzen, ESRI, Cesium, IBM, etc.) as well as indie coders doing creative work outside the traditional geospatial industry. It's a single day, single track event that moves fast so as to maximize the number of interesting people and ideas.
This year's event wil be co-located with the annual FOSS4G conference. Our venue will be the fablulous District Hall
We'll also be doing our first ever call for talks! Submit a talk
FOSS4G will be the exclusive ticket seller for the event thru July 16th, (get tickets here). A limited block of tickets for just the JS.Geo event will then be sold through this website starting July 17th, 2017.